Reunion Extravaganza: Day 1

Technically it was night 1, not just day 1. About 8:30pm EST Thursday, February 26, 2006, all three Zomgees were in one vehicle. With eight days ahead of us, we spent the ride home from the airport mulling over “Were so gonna…” and a little “is Nancy Pelosi the house?” The place is HT’s crib in Fort Lauderdale, plenty of room for gaming which is exactly what we did. For at least six hours, we introduced new characters to Lord of the Rings Online, marking the first time SuperStretch entered Middle-Earth. Elves are effeminate. Grogginess ensued and overpowered even in lieu of dew (minus OhYo via SoBe from Laura).

Shortpost is short however quantity prevails in this C-c-c-c-combo breaker! In other words, there are more to show on the way so stay tuned…

(Spoiler for next time: Two-player video games aren’t conducive for three people.)
(pictures to come? i think so)