Ask the Readers: The Perfect Computer

Zach writes,

Before I say anything else, I would just like to thank the Dan and the other Zomgees for the opportunity to post on their prestigious blog. Now for the important stuff: I have a problem. Since I will be a college student as of August, I need to get a computer. This is where things get difficult because I have to balance portability, usability, cost, and the fun factor (gaming, etc.). I had originally wanted to get a Macbook, but now I am not so sure. I also though about doing a netbook and desktop, but with some of the things I have recently heard about netbooks, that might not be the best idea either. The main thing I want is something that has the functionality of a desktop paired with the portability of a laptop. That is my problem/question. What does the Zomgee community think (keeping in mind that I am not a millionaire)?

Edit: It seems the first time this was published, no emails were sent out, so I took ownership of the post and republished it ~Dan