Zimbra IM with Digsby [How to]

Behold, another Zimbra-related post!

I recently ran across an article on how to configure Pidgin with Zimbra IM (5.x+) here, but since I run Digsby for IM, the settings and input boxes didn’t quite match up.

After talking to various people and troubleshooting problems of my own, I finally got it to work. Contacts and groups are also synchronized between Zimbra and Digsby, so if you move a screenname on one, it will show up on the other.


  • Go to the preferences window where you add a new account
  • Click Add IM account and add a new Jabber account
  • Jabber ID: your Zimbra email (including the @domain.com)
  • Password: duh
  • Check auto login
  • Expand the Advanced section
  • Host: your mail server (mail1.domain.com)
  • Port: Change to 5223
  • Resource: Leave “Digsby”
  • Priority: Leave at 5
  • Data Proxy: Leave blank unless you need to change it
  • Check “Force SSL”
  • Keep “Ignore SSL Warnings” unchecked
  • Check “Allow Plaintext Login”

Once you save the account settings, connect to the server, and, barring any firewall issues, you should be all set!