Not a fanfic

“The world is veiled in darkness. The wind stops, the sea is wild, and the earth begins to rot. The people wait, their only hope, a prophecy…. “When the world is in darkness Four Warriors will come….” After a long journey four young warriors arrive, each holding an orb.”

The four warriors arrive in the town of Coneria. A fighter, a stalwart bastion of might, goes before the adventuring group to thwart evil with steel and shield. A thief: nimble in his dexterity, though not as brawny with the blade; he can avoid harm and escape from battle to live another day. A black mage, privy to the attacking magical arts, destroying his foes at whim, but he himself is physically vulnerable due to his fragile stature. A white mage, a benevolent magician whose healing words can help her group stand against the trials ahead of them. (wait, hold on, was this just the 100th post? yay us) Continue reading Not a fanfic

Dictionary, more like… Lazyiary

Its hard surfing on this wondrous internets when you become appalled by all this rampaging laziness!

First, take a look at the ‘word of the day’.
Word of the Day 2/1/08
oh sure, seems normal enough; think again. Time warp, back like almost a decade? wow time flies
Word of the Day 11/8/99
The word mien has a strikingly similar mien to that of the word mien that has a certain mien on the other link. Even the mien of the mien (ie. the definition) is the same. This is horrid, I would look to see if they’ve done this before but I’m too lazy to do that or even come up with my own idea for a good(?) Zomgee post.

This next part is gratuitous: I’m too lazy to find something on-topic or even a trailer for something that isn’t already out but i heard the writers were too lazy to make a story not completely based off of star wars. Even this trailer its like… first a choppy soap opera, then they degrade into voice-over examples, then “ok lets just show the game already.” I can’t wait to get Windows Vista 64 SP1 (DX10.1 update) and my nVidia G92 dx10.1 card. then its FFXII emulation time!