Fantabulous Friday!

Fantabulous Friday!


As per idle threats by certain patrons Zomgee, I, OhYo, present to you the first of many fantabulous “Fantabulous Friday” posts. So what sort of things might a passerby read here on Fantabulous Friday? Well, at the very least, it must be fantabulous; and it’s totally cool that Microsoft Word says fantabulous is a real word. (Mozilla disagrees) What does the word fantabulous mean exactly?


It is a portmanteau of fantastic and fabulous; which is something new to me. Fabutastic just doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it. Either way, it should be some fun stuff.


So what’s on your mind lately? Probably shopping for your respected “holy day,” we can only presume. Marketers don’t really care, they just want you to spend, and I suppose it couldn’t hurt the economy (or could it?) What’s really scary is the type of psyche western society has on shopping. Men scoff at women for being utterly enthralled by the thought of shopping, observing items for sale and “lookin’ for deals/coupons,” while women jeer at the thought of how men rush into stores to acquire goods without penalty of price or simply not bother to go shopping entirely. I was at work the other day and I saw this little girl with a t-shirt that said “I love shopping!” or something similar on it. Better learn ‘em young. My marketing teacher advised that consumers are smart and are intelligible in the ways of consuming. This is probably the only thing I would have disagreed on. What do you think? Do people generally make stupid decisions when buying things? Do you?


Gag gifts are great. The best part about them is that they know you had them in mind when you were shopping for this item. Un-useful items make great gag gifts. Umbrella hats, microphone-shaped bathing sponges and custom TP printed with “Do a barrel roll!” all over it applies. Just a thought for those still shopping; get something dumb for once.


Be thankful I didn’t rant about Saturnalia. Oh, and welcome to the new Zomgee. I have until 10:06 to think of something to write for next Friday.

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