Its That Time of Year Again [wheels ‘n spam]

No, this isn’t another rant about how the media and advertisers are leaving out Christmas from their respective vernacular (heavily, and quite offensively handled by last night’s episode of Community)- its that time of year where I point you back to:

How not to end up in a ditch

As a bonus tip, avoid the ever-relevant “You have received a Hallmark e-Card from ‘A Friend'”, which invariably contains a link to an executable file which promptly installs itself and compromises your computer, AKA Bad news.

Merry Christmas and happy driving!

What I got for Christmas

I wanted to try not posting about what I got for Christmas again, but for some reason this ‘gift’ had to be noted. This gift was given via snail-mail and internets to Superstretch, HT and I from the illustrious (or illustrationous) Zepuka. Let me start with a disclaimer to HT as it is unconfirmed if he has received this gift also in the mail. (CTRL+W out if you haven’t gotten it yet.) Without further deliberation…

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‘Tis the season…

…to be reminded that people still hate others any day of the year. Any problem can be traced to pride, but while dealing with roots running too deep in our sinful nature, pride can lead in so many directions, especially when coupled with ignorance. If you haven’t seen this story already, it can be shocking:

Santa-Suit gunman’s rampage leaves 9 dead

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