What it Means to be King

Two hundred years ago, our forefathers hated, condemned, and swore off everything that the monarchy stood for. The rule by one person invariably leads to oppression, social classes, and the economic ruin of a nation. Kings ruled with iron fists, commanded their armies out to war, and taxed their citizens into poverty. The hostility of a king towards his rivals was matched only by his anger. The king used various ways to crush insurrection from his people.

Thankfully, future-king William will have none of these powers.

But our President does.

The Aftermath

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock and dodging health insurance companies about getting a plan, you’ve probably heard of the passing of “Obamacare”, the gajillion dollar healthcare plan that increases federal funding to hospitals and doctors for abortions, c0ntrols what vital services people can and can’t have under the public option, and does everything in its power to increase actual insurance company premiums (gee golly, I thought it was supposed to do the opposite). In addition, it makes it downright illegal to *not* have insurance and you can be fined and prosecuted if you don’t. Continue reading The Aftermath

Global Warming Protest [oh noz!]

The attached photo depicts a recent gathering of literally hundreds and hundreds passionate souls seeking change in our culture to protect the earth from global warming.  It was a peaceful gathering, and no incidence arose.  However, the world remains stunned by the extent of awareness and demand for intervention.

Global Warming Demonstration


The school that I go to is… odd. Things such as the one-man Karl Marx in modern culture play tend to pop up among the “free-thinkers”. You’ll also find various calls to communism, 57 original flavors of eastern religions, people who walk around in bare feet (yes, bathrooms are frequented by them..), and the largest population of adult males aged 17-24 who don’t shower. Ever.

So I wasn’t exactly surprised when I saw this at school:  Continue reading Crazy

The Zomgee Bubble

During the past year Zomgee.com has had fairly steady posting and while we may not have updated as frequently as some may have preferred, the site was at least consistent. At the end of 2008 everything changed and the evil CEOs of Zomgee decided to get greedy and push for more and more posting. Expectations were set high, and the post volume increased likewise. The greed could only be fueled for so long and I’m afraid that over the last week we may have seen the Zomgee bubble burst. Continue reading The Zomgee Bubble