Meet Ida

Meet ‘Ida,’ the big ambiguous break our institutionally brainwashed minds have been waiting for.  It sorta looks like a monkey, it sorta looks like a lemur and I think this is call for slamming the news with more propaganda cause we don’t have anything better to do.

Okay, even if evolution, as evolutionists urge, is simply an alteration and adaptation of genetics over time due to stress from the environment, we have to say: we’re done evolving. Also, one may have to deduce backwards-evolution is explicitly as much of a possibility as forward-evolution is. Without stress on our spoiled American lives, diabetes from a sedentary lifestyle seems to be more of a trend than growing eyes on the back of our head or those laser-fingers we’ve always dreamed of having. So if we are ‘done,’ have we really arrived to our most optimal state? It is mainstream idealists who suggest our ‘recent’ descendents in a sort of simplistic, barbaric and animalistic light, though praise our current state of comeuppance as though we’ve taken our place as masters of the universe. Have we really grown über so quickly, especially with a decrease in environmental stress? Humanism is scary; sounds more like Excusism. Even without any greater supposition than an accidental existance, evolution as a theory seems like one of those things that will regardless come to a “well that was dumb” status when looking back through the annals of history and science.

The Greatest Danger to be Feared

Yesterday was tax day and this year long lines at the post office were not the most notable large gatherings of people. Across the Nation thousands if not hundreds of thousands or people came together to protest in rallies called Tea Parties. If you remember your history in 1773 men stood up against the oppressive taxation of the British government by casting crates of tea into Boston Harbor by cover of darkness. Over two hundred and thirty years later people choose to exercise their constitutional right, given to them in part by those 1773 patriots, to protest peacefully in the light of day against their own government. Continue reading The Greatest Danger to be Feared

47% of Americans are Either Ignorant or Just Plain Stupid

There have been many times in my life that I’ve called into question the intelligence of the American people and after looking at the results of a recent Rasmussen poll I am forced to question it once again. According to the report only 53% of Americans believe that Capitalism is better than socialism with 20% thinking that socialism is better and 27% without a solid grasp of what they believe.  Continue reading 47% of Americans are Either Ignorant or Just Plain Stupid