The Aftermath

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock and dodging health insurance companies about getting a plan, you’ve probably heard of the passing of “Obamacare”, the gajillion dollar healthcare plan that increases federal funding to hospitals and doctors for abortions, c0ntrols what vital services people can and can’t have under the public option, and does everything in its power to increase actual insurance company premiums (gee golly, I thought it was supposed to do the opposite). In addition, it makes it downright illegal to *not* have insurance and you can be fined and prosecuted if you don’t. Continue reading The Aftermath

Global Warming Protest [oh noz!]

The attached photo depicts a recent gathering of literally hundreds and hundreds passionate souls seeking change in our culture to protect the earth from global warming.  It was a peaceful gathering, and no incidence arose.  However, the world remains stunned by the extent of awareness and demand for intervention.

Global Warming Demonstration

NYS… Red? [discuss]

Its strange seeing a good number of people reacting negatively to the NYS Senate’s decision against legalizing gay marriage, but not many people at all reacting favorably, especially considering the ratio was greater than 3:2. Its also surprising given the definite left-leaning tendencies of the state. So what gives? Out of touch senators or vastly vocal minority?

Happy Windows 7 Day! [Windows]

Today is Oct. 22nd, marking the official release to the public of Windows 7. I’ve posted before the cheapest ways to obtain it (also, there is a 3-license Family Pack available on Newegg for $149.99)

Today marks a very historic day.. the first highly-lauded Windows release since 2001!

There has, however, been a bit of a snafu. Those of you who purchased and downloaded the copy of 7 from may run into a problem about folder permissions upon running the installer. Gathered from here, follow these steps:

  1. From within XP/Vista 32-bit, I downloaded the 64-bit version of Win7 Professional upgrade.
  2. Used the installer to extract the files, but received above mentioned error.
  3. Checked the file size of the folder “extendedSetup” and noticed that it was 3.01 GB.
  4. Moved extendedSetup folder to root (C:\)
  5. Downloaded this file and placed it into C:\WINDOWS\System32:…
  6. Bought up command prompt and typed the following: oscdimg -bC:\expandedSetup\boot\ -h -u2 -m -lWIN_EN_DVD C:\expandedSetup\ C:\7.iso
  7. Burned ISO with ImgBurn (freeware)
  8. Booted, installed, and activated

I’m trying that as we speak, so I’ll keep you posted as to if it works. Happy Windows 7 day!

EDIT: Command line syntax error.. -1 should have been -l. Its fixed above now

Of Death and Dying…

The past few days have produced what one co-worker labeled the “trifecta of celebrity deaths.” At the time, Michael Jackson was practicing for his upcoming comeback tour. Said co-worker pondered who the third might be. Ed McMahon passed a couple days ago and then Farrah Fawcett early yesterday. Farrah chronicled her battle with cancer in a rather shocking and honest video diary, clips of which have been shown on the news quite frequently. Then yesterday, starting at 5:15pm, I started seeing news reports via my phone (@cnnbrk) that MJ had a heart attack. Reports that followed said he was in a coma and then that he had died. More reports said he hadn’t died, but then truth finally was confirmed. Michael Jackson was dead at age 50.

Continue reading Of Death and Dying…