Its That Time of Year Again [wheels ‘n spam]

No, this isn’t another rant about how the media and advertisers are leaving out Christmas from their respective vernacular (heavily, and quite offensively handled by last night’s episode of Community)- its that time of year where I point you back to:

How not to end up in a ditch

As a bonus tip, avoid the ever-relevant “You have received a Hallmark e-Card from ‘A Friend'”, which invariably contains a link to an executable file which promptly installs itself and compromises your computer, AKA Bad news.

Merry Christmas and happy driving!

A Whale of a Tale

So yesterday was Monday, I realize that, but I’m only now able to get a wireless connection while we’re here in Orlando. Currently we are making prep to head over to MGM and spend a day of awesomeness there and meet up with Nonalla tonight.

Yesterday, however, we stopped over at Port St. Lucie and visited the beach there.. it really was a blast and by far the best beach I’ve ever visited. The water was quite cold, but after a few splashes, it felt super-warm and the three of us zomgees decided to have fun. In addition to the odd looks we received for being in the water in the first place.. (really, just about everyone there was wearing a sweatshirt) we partook in typical zomgee-ness and … well … you can see for yourself below.

“In” Definition Winner

It’s time to annouce the winner of the contest a mere two posts ago. ZePuKa best defined the word “in” without using a word that contained “in” and was, in fact, the only person to do so.

In recognition of her superb rule-following and adequate defining skills, she’s won a $15 gift certificate towards anything from,,, or