While doing some clean up on the site, I ran across a post I wrote almost a year and a half ago and never published publicly. I can’t believe how much has changed since then 🙂 In the spirit of memories preserved, I’ll leave in the comments from HT and myself.

Written 12/29/2008

Within the next couple days, we’ll all be celebrating the new year and thinking back on the old one. Parties will be held, resolutions will be made, and invariably, resolutions will be broken. It’s a bit cliché now to even bring that up :\

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Global Warming Protest [oh noz!]

The attached photo depicts a recent gathering of literally hundreds and hundreds passionate souls seeking change in our culture to protect the earth from global warming.  It was a peaceful gathering, and no incidence arose.  However, the world remains stunned by the extent of awareness and demand for intervention.

Global Warming Demonstration


The school that I go to is… odd. Things such as the one-man Karl Marx in modern culture play tend to pop up among the “free-thinkers”. You’ll also find various calls to communism, 57 original flavors of eastern religions, people who walk around in bare feet (yes, bathrooms are frequented by them..), and the largest population of adult males aged 17-24 who don’t shower. Ever.

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Bold Faced Lies

I just finished watching an episode of the fairly new Fox show “Lie to Me” where there are several experts who can tell by so-called micro-expressions whether or not a person is lying and while I’m not here to recommend the show it has got me thinking a bit more about lying. Lately lying has been a theme that just seems to crop up more and more. There’s lots of talk about A-Rod and if he’s telling the whole truth about steroids and there’s been tons of talk about Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich and his bold faced lies about selling a senate seat. Normally I’d talk about how President Obama went on national TV and lied straight to the American people about the stimulus bill, claiming that it absolutely had no pork and that it was a targeted bill at timely solutions. Today, however, I think I’d like to mention the sneaky lie…by McDonald’s.

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