Global Warming Protest [oh noz!]

The attached photo depicts a recent gathering of literally hundreds and hundreds passionate souls seeking change in our culture to protect the earth from global warming.  It was a peaceful gathering, and no incidence arose.  However, the world remains stunned by the extent of awareness and demand for intervention.

Global Warming Demonstration

I’m a Hoarder… [not another one]

… Its a fact I’ve come to realize in the past week.

The only thing I ever throw out are wrappers, packing peanuts, and old homework. Continue reading I’m a Hoarder… [not another one]

Its That Time of Year Again [wheels ‘n spam]

No, this isn’t another rant about how the media and advertisers are leaving out Christmas from their respective vernacular (heavily, and quite offensively handled by last night’s episode of Community)- its that time of year where I point you back to:

How not to end up in a ditch

As a bonus tip, avoid the ever-relevant “You have received a Hallmark e-Card from ‘A Friend'”, which invariably contains a link to an executable file which promptly installs itself and compromises your computer, AKA Bad news.

Merry Christmas and happy driving!

NYS… Red? [discuss]

Its strange seeing a good number of people reacting negatively to the NYS Senate’s decision against legalizing gay marriage, but not many people at all reacting favorably, especially considering the ratio was greater than 3:2. Its also surprising given the definite left-leaning tendencies of the state. So what gives? Out of touch senators or vastly vocal minority?