Site updates!

Hello all-
Not that you particularly care, but this site might experience random outages in the next 2 weeks or so while I move over to a new server and transfer the domain name to a new registrar. I pay $5 for a VPS on dreamhost, so why continue to pay $100+ a year for my account on godaddy in addition? That be like listening to Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga at the same time.


While doing some clean up on the site, I ran across a post I wrote almost a year and a half ago and never published publicly. I can’t believe how much has changed since then 🙂 In the spirit of memories preserved, I’ll leave in the comments from HT and myself.

Written 12/29/2008

Within the next couple days, we’ll all be celebrating the new year and thinking back on the old one. Parties will be held, resolutions will be made, and invariably, resolutions will be broken. It’s a bit cliché now to even bring that up :\

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The Aftermath

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock and dodging health insurance companies about getting a plan, you’ve probably heard of the passing of “Obamacare”, the gajillion dollar healthcare plan that increases federal funding to hospitals and doctors for abortions, c0ntrols what vital services people can and can’t have under the public option, and does everything in its power to increase actual insurance company premiums (gee golly, I thought it was supposed to do the opposite). In addition, it makes it downright illegal to *not* have insurance and you can be fined and prosecuted if you don’t. Continue reading The Aftermath