While doing some clean up on the site, I ran across a post I wrote almost a year and a half ago and never published publicly. I can’t believe how much has changed since then 🙂 In the spirit of memories preserved, I’ll leave in the comments from HT and myself.

Written 12/29/2008

Within the next couple days, we’ll all be celebrating the new year and thinking back on the old one. Parties will be held, resolutions will be made, and invariably, resolutions will be broken. It’s a bit cliché now to even bring that up :\

I have to confess that no one will be as happy as me to see 2008 pass on by. Granted, there were some ups, but downs abounded… In January, one of my friends was killed, in February, my grandpa passed away, in March and April, my two best friends moved away, and so continued the rest of the year… My dog even died, for crying out loud. I became bitter, antagonistic, and hard-hearted. It was a year of disappointment, but through it all there was some joy.

Through one of the guys at work, I happened upon a website of web/flash developers and programmers… a very tight-knit, not-well-known community. Most of the people are of young adult age and several of them were going through similar situations and able to lend encouraging words and support, as well as offer advice with JQuery, SA questions and whatever other technical issues I ran into.

I also had some friends that were a bit closer, one specifically who, even though she didn’t always understand everything that was going on, was a regular source of support.

It took a while for me to realize something… even though I had lost people, either to the great end we all must meet, or the inevitable result of growing up and finding opportunities elsewhere, I can’t lose focus on the people that are still around.. who care and try to help, even when I don’t notice. It’s easy to get carried away with the bad that has happened and not see the good that is all still around.

So here’s to a great new year *raises Sobe Fuel*. May we all find joy in it and may we have the friends there to help us when we find otherwise.

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