NYS… Red? [discuss]

Its strange seeing a good number of people reacting negatively to the NYS Senate’s decision against legalizing gay marriage, but not many people at all reacting favorably, especially considering the ratio was greater than 3:2. Its also surprising given the definite left-leaning tendencies of the state. So what gives? Out of touch senators or vastly vocal minority?

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  1. I think that people are not reacting in favor of it because they fear that they will then be branded as homo-phobes. Look at all that happened to people who fought against gay marriage in California. People lost their jobs, their businesses were picketed. It was brutal. People who are happy that the NYS Senate voted the way they did keep quiet, because to cheer would be politically incorrect, and that is a dangerous thing to be any where these days.

    1. @Gigi, absolutely. The majority has been silenced by the ones claiming to be “open minded” and un-“bigoted”. What I fear might happen, however, is that those that are undecided or easily swayed might think they’d be alone in a stance against gay marriage and would support it out of media and peer pressure

  2. I’ve been struggling for the last hour with the idea of posting my reaction on facebook. However, for the time being I’ve decided against it. I have too many real life friends that are living that gay/lesbian lifestyle that are my fb friends. While I am not ashamed to say that I believe their choice is sin, I do no want it to look as if I am against them.

    Its a trending topic on twitter and the comment are vicious. Not that I tweet anyway, but I decided to stay way from commenting there either.

    I too am somewhat surprised that it did not pass. On the other hand, NYC has many conservative catholics which I heard play a factor in the voting.

    Personal beliefs? I oppose gay marriage. It seems silly and wrong to expect people who’s hearts are not opened to God to be willing to abide by the same belief. Should gov’t control gay marriage to begin with…. I’m not sure I have a conviction on that one.

    1. @Tracy, Good thoughts. To paraphrase my political ideal, Ron Paul, gay marriage isn’t a decision for the US government to make- if anything, its the states’ responsibility. On the flip side of that, however, this is still a social issue and those tend to be passed on by all branches of gov’t in the US. Gays aren’t fighting for the right to marry just so they can marry.. this is an agenda push to assure their status and equality with a normal married couple, indicating that society truly has accepted them- because if society accepts and embraces them, then that makes the little nagging voice in the back of their mind telling them they are in sin is wrong.

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