Happy Windows 7 Day! [Windows]

Today is Oct. 22nd, marking the official release to the public of Windows 7. I’ve posted before the cheapest ways to obtain it (also, there is a 3-license Family Pack available on Newegg for $149.99)

Today marks a very historic day.. the first highly-lauded Windows release since 2001!

There has, however, been a bit of a snafu. Those of you who purchased and downloaded the copy of 7 from windows741.com may run into a problem about folder permissions upon running the installer. Gathered from here, follow these steps:

  1. From within XP/Vista 32-bit, I downloaded the 64-bit version of Win7 Professional upgrade.
  2. Used the installer to extract the files, but received above mentioned error.
  3. Checked the file size of the folder “extendedSetup” and noticed that it was 3.01 GB.
  4. Moved extendedSetup folder to root (C:\)
  5. Downloaded this file and placed it into C:\WINDOWS\System32: http://www.sevenforums.com/attachmen…-l-oscdimg.zip
  6. Bought up command prompt and typed the following: oscdimg -bC:\expandedSetup\boot\etfsboot.com -h -u2 -m -lWIN_EN_DVD C:\expandedSetup\ C:\7.iso
  7. Burned ISO with ImgBurn (freeware)
  8. Booted, installed, and activated

I’m trying that as we speak, so I’ll keep you posted as to if it works. Happy Windows 7 day!

EDIT: Command line syntax error.. -1 should have been -l. Its fixed above now

8 thoughts on “Happy Windows 7 Day! [Windows]”

  1. Actually, having problems with the webcam and fingerprint reader… Fixing the webcam was as simple as deleting the device driver from Device manager and rebooting (bios flash might be required), and the fingerprint reader need a software and driver update. All better 🙂

  2. Turns out every driver for Vista 64bit on HP’s homepage worked for Windows 7 64bit except the gfx driver. Everything is working fine and I’ve thrown a ton of software/add-ons at it and not a single hiccup.

  3. Update: Uh ohz! HP stated that they aren’t releasing drivers for my laptop for Windows 7!

    Oh well, time to look toward the manufacturer of its components!

    Don’t worry tho, I didn’t have to install a single driver for my desktop (1-year old hardware vs a 2 year old laptop)

  4. Update: Used the “Custom install” feature instead of the in-place upgrade and everything installed correctly. Immediately upon bootup, Windows Update pulled in drivers for my fingerprint reader and an HP firmware update.

    Once that was completed, 13 updates were presented, ranging from modem drivers to Windows Security updates.

    Just to reiterate, this is 32 bit Vista Home Premium upgrade to 64 bit 7 Home Premium using an Upgrade SKU but the semi-clean install option.

  5. I’m 100% Windows 7 at work and 2/3’ds Windows 7 at home and loving it. I still keep an old XP laptop around for good measure, but I’ll likely upgrade that soon enough too.

    Still haven’t upgraded to retail from RC at home though…I just haven’t wanted to put forth the effort. It doesn’t hurt that both beta and RC were fantastic from the get go.

  6. Is it much improved from Vista? I’m so annoyed by Vista, but don’t want to spend the $ unless it’s a significant improvement.

    1. @Gill, Oh absolutely. I’ve been running it now for a while in beta and RC, and now for 2 weeks in Retail form and it is great. Definitely the Vista that should have been. It is quite different than XP, but, as with Vista, if you want that classic interface, you can still go back to it.

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