June 26 Pictures

I’m going to try something new.. I’m thinking of posting more media on the page as sort of a chronicle of whats going on.. anything from random snapshots to things that caused carbonated beverage to be expelled via my nasal passages…

The storm:

It was pretty amazing just how fast it turned back to “nice” out. Between pea-sized hail pelting our cars and taking these pictures, only 10 minutes had elapsed.

7 thoughts on “June 26 Pictures”

    1. @HT, I just got back from watching Transformers 2, so a 3rd just today might be in the works.. I kind of want to think about it more first though…

      1. @Dan, Of course there will be a 3rd, this one made $60mil on its first day. The question is why America chooses to jab itself in the eye by being the enabler to this type of movie.

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