Left 4 Dead 2: Thriller

It’s official, the King of Pop is dead. We should all be very worried that a freaky half-white child molester is going to be climbing out of a grave somewhere in the near future and dance his way into our neighborhoods.

Sadly this video has embedding disabled, but here’s the next best thing:

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  1. Just wanted to make sure we all understand that Micheal Jackson didn’t choose to be white as many people think. he suffered from a skin Pigmentation problem where people start to loose their melanin. I had a lady in my church growing up who had this problem…She was white though and it is not as noticeable. there is also a gentleman who is a n world newscaster who is an African American and every night before he goes on the air his face has to have a ton of makeup put on him so he is basically all one color. After a certain percentages of your body has lost melanin the docs recommend that you get your skin bleached…which is what Jackson did. But because he looked white he then tried to make himself look white by have bone reconstructed. I had no idea until I heard the African American News reporter being interviewed and he was recounting the Stars in Hollywood who suffer from this pigmentation problem. It’s amazing Jackson is the most well known and it totally changed what I had been hearing and taught all my life…

    Found it interesting thought you would too!

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    1. @Happy Mama, True dat. Although, some people believe he didn’t really have that disease and used the disease as an excuse because he wanted to look white. Which is true? We may never know.

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  2. That’s just creepy to think about… I just hope that people will have some respect for his death and not play pranks on his grave to the same ‘thriller’ effect. X_X

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