Your new calculator

Ever get the strong urge to want to just be nerdy, or geeky for that matter? Me too… Today, this post is about your new calculator! This isn’t just any calculator, it is the chance we’ve been waiting for: information presented in cool graphs n stuff.

Welcome to the internet, Wolfram

So…. What can you do with this thing? Sure, add ‘n subtract, but why stop there? Physics, Engineering, Dates & Times, Financial stuff, and more. You name it and it’s got it, or… it -will- have it eventually, it’s still in prefab mode apparently. So let’s test her out:

1 bucket of Lard
Fellowship of the Ring vs Black Knight film vs movie
GM bankruptcy
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico “Random” location
ubiquitous mathematics
Second cousin twice removed Still no family member ‘scousin’ yet, but this’ll have to do.
elevation around kathmandu
hyperboloid wormhole
3-color code 3 tri-force
Over 9000 cakes!~ all time favorite, no lie.

Try it out, share some fun, cool or unscrupulous wolframs with us.

5 thoughts on “Your new calculator”

  1. I’m so excited that I can calculate the nutritional value of 9001 cakes with a few keystrokes! How did I ever survive before this?

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