Well Hello There!

My my.. how you’ve all grown. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything of measure.. My world has been flying by at the speed of time and things have been crazy!

I’ve wrapped up my 2nd-to-last quarter of school.. I can’t wait to graduate!

I really have no idea what to talk about.. I’m hoping that by the end of this paragraph I can have a topic in mind.. Time’s up, but I have been thinking quite a bit lately about what to write about.. such topics as:

  • The California court’s decision to uphold Prop 8
  • Something about soccer?
  • How Aptana is rocking my world (aptana.com)
  • This quaint little canoe/kayak rental shop I had the pleasure of renting from this weekend (churchvillelighthouse.com)
  • The season finale of 24
  • LOTRO (I’m cruising around in Angmar)
  • My trip next week to DC
  • Really really wanting to build another computer (Please someone have a few hundred $ laying around so I can be constructive)

So let’s chat it up.. lets get a discussion going on in the comments!

For your *DERP DERP* viewing pleasure
For your *DERP DERP* viewing pleasure

13 thoughts on “Well Hello There!”

    1. @backstept – You’re back to playing lotro again!? Dude we need to add you to the e-mail list for our “event nights.” Speaking of which we need to have an event, which means Dan and Ohyo need to level faster.

      HT’s last blog post.. Irregardless

        1. @Dan, Hey now skippy. You don’t need fellowship quests to progress, there are plenty of solo ones to fullfill all your 42-50 needs.

          That being said, I’ll be a whole lot more available once I get my gear and virtues set for Watcher runs. I’m one piece of armour and a few virtues away so it won’t be long.

          1. @HT, I just want to get areas off my quest list.. Evendim.. North Downs.. Trollshaws.. They each have 5-6 fellowship quests that need to get rickrolled

          2. @Dan, Go back and finish completing areas later. Don’t be a completest in this game, you’ll go crazy. Play multiple characters and wind up doing everything that way. I’m spending more time in Angmar with Erynduil this time around than I ever did with Isonduil and I still haven’t passed the Book 6 “line.”

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