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Zach writes,

Before I say anything else, I would just like to thank the Dan and the other Zomgees for the opportunity to post on their prestigious blog. Now for the important stuff: I have a problem. Since I will be a college student as of August, I need to get a computer. This is where things get difficult because I have to balance portability, usability, cost, and the fun factor (gaming, etc.). I had originally wanted to get a Macbook, but now I am not so sure. I also though about doing a netbook and desktop, but with some of the things I have recently heard about netbooks, that might not be the best idea either. The main thing I want is something that has the functionality of a desktop paired with the portability of a laptop. That is my problem/question. What does the Zomgee community think (keeping in mind that I am not a millionaire)?

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  1. This is cool, more guest posters! So it sounds like the -primary- reason you or anyone would get a computer would be to game: so definitely keep this in mind during your purchase. Otherwise, all that ‘other stuff’ is on this side. hehe. I mean, If a computer can run a video game, it can run Word.

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  2. Well, thank you to Nonalla and HT for their insight. When I do buy whatever I end up getting, I’ll be sure to tell you.

  3. I got no e-mails either way…guess I’ll have to verify my subscription settings.

    @Zach –
    [Mac vs PC flame war]
    Personally I’d suggest against getting a Mac. While owners of Macs certainly are happy with them that doesn’t mean they’re the best choice. In terms of your criteria here are my thoughts:

    Portability – The relative portability of laptops are independent of any Mac vs PC discussion. There are many weights and sizes for both and you’re bound to find something you like with either.

    Usability – This depends. Mac users will rave about usability, however, if you’re a lifelong Windows user you already know how to use that. If you’re a lifelong Mac user you’d have to learn Windows in the other scenario. Both OSX and Vista (XP and Win 7 too) are quite easy to use and shouldn’t really affect your choice in my opinion. Program compatibility is another story, and really that depends on what you’re planning on using whether that falls into a Mac or PC mold.

    Cost – Here’s where differences really start to appear. Macs tend to be significantly more expensive. Part of what you’re buying is a company image, part of it is because the company controls hardware and software and thus controls price. Personally I don’t think the price of a Mac makes it worth it. Others would disagree.

    Fun Factor – Realistically Macs and PCs both have games made for them, but if you want to play the majority of games you’ll either need a PC or you’ll need to duel-boot Windows on your Mac. I really can’t see the purpose of duel-booting if you’re going to pay more for the Mac and then go with Windows anyway.

    Long story short I’d suggest you go for a cheaper PC and get the most out of the hardware you can for whatever price range you have for yourself.
    [/Mac vs PC flame war]

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    @Zach I know nothing of Mac’s, except that owners love em. Netbooks tho i have found to be underpowered, especially if you wish to go and throw a few games on em. May have just been specific models i have dealt with however. So, as usually, no help here….

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