*Cricket Cricket*

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

I was, in fact, in the hospital a significant amount of time over the past couple weeks.

Yes, I am all right now, pending final confirmation on Friday with another ultrasound.

No, I am not pregnant.

My kidneys have been having trouble- between the stones and the hydronephrosis, things have been rough.

Over the past week, I’ve been feeling pretty good, but I was so incredibly far behind in homework that when I wasn’t playing Lord of the Rings: Online, I’ve actually been working pretty hard on past-due homework.

Now for some one-line headlines:

Today was the 10th anniversary of the Columbine shootings. Can’t say I paid much attention to the news, but I didn’t hear a single mention of it. Pretty sad :\

I’ve been working on a new website dedicated to providing open source solutions for ministries- specifically through hosting and web-based apps like WordPress and MediaWiki, but also extending into the realm of the computer-building that I’ve been doing so much of.

Time Warner backed off on their bandwidth capping!

Was the first one to buy this new set of strings at Guitar Center. Forgot what they are called, but they sound amazing. (They come in zebra-like packaging)

Looks like I’m headed to Watkins Glen for the NASCAR race this year 😀 Happy Birthday to me.

It was my birthday on the 17th.

Have never gotten so much Facebook-notification-email-spam before.

It was nice getting so much email.

People really need to come up with something better to say than “Happy Birthday” and that now-lame Happy Birthday song. Yes, I know it isn’t very long. It’s not that shocking really. It’s about as long as the attention span of the average Zomgee.

I really like WordPress.

I really like Google Reader.

I really like getting replies on Twitter.

I really like this stream-of-consciousness stuff.

I made a rule that no new posts are published between midnight and 6am unless peer-reviewed.

I just set my system clock back an hour.

I’m clicking Publish.

8 thoughts on “*Cricket Cricket*”

  1. Bappy Hirthday!!

    Speaking of Columbine, did you guys get my email about the father of one of the Columbine victims and his address to (Can’t remember what branch) Congress? Very cool!

  2. Wow… good idea for the peer review…. o_O; Though I must say your rambling is amusing.

    As a quick apology, I’d like to defend myself on the ‘Happy Birthday’… I sent you a tombstone as well, so that should qualify as something original, no? =P

    Glad to hear that Columbine’s 10th made the news for a lil bit at least! 😀

    ZePuKa’s last blog post.. Happenings?

  3. I am entirely guilty of the quick “Happy Birthday” on the facebook wall….mostly b/c I know people get some many b-day messages on that day, that I didn’t think they actually read them all.

    And as far as Columbine goes, it did see it on the news this morning and earlier this week…though it gets the same amount of airtime as the movie reviews which is a little sad.

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