Worst Date Ever

OK, so the title is misleading.. It actually was a lot of fun. 7 miles through the harsh Black Creek Park braving toxic mud pics and crazed wild animals with my princess Buttercup in tow. We braved R.O.U.S.’s, angry villagers, and monstrous steeds with eyes like glimmering coals.

*ahem* let me start again

After a nice hike through the park and a wonderful dinner including a Colombini’s sub, I fell to the task of getting back to some homework, not knowing what was to come.

The following day, Sunday, I noticed a little bit of red on my arm. I didn’t think much about it until Sunday night, when I could see what looked like poison something and proceeded to ask for some salve that would relieve the itching.

Monday morning started normally, but with some pretty sore/itchy arms. By that point, it had spread to my other elbow and my hip. Everything seemed to be going fine through the day. There was a bit of itchiness, but a quick dab of lotion or vinegar solved that for a while.

Arm at noon on Monday
Arm at noon on Monday

After lunch, I made my typical trip to school and sat through all my classes and worked on labs until about 8:30pm. I then came home posthaste to make it in time for 24. During one of the commercial breaks, I asked my mom for some more vinegar or something to put on my arm. It was at that point where she noticed that my arm had swollen up like a balloon and you could see the redness spidering out through the veins. It was at that point that I decided a trip to the ER might be best. After I finished watching 24.

I made it to the ER about 10:30pm, chilled a bit in the waiting room, twittering, IMing, responding to some email. When my number got called, a tech checked me over and he told me to go wait out in the waiting room again. I figured that meant I was going to be given something and then discharged.


I got my own room. I sat there from 11:30 or so until 1am waiting in my room. Wondering if they had forgotten about me, etc. Turns out they didn’t, because the first person to see me was another tech who wanted to know if I had a will, who my emergency contact was, etc. Oh yeah, and how I would be paying for the visit.

Eventually doctors and nurses came in checked it out, explained what probably happened, and prescribed what needed to be done. So I waited another hour before someone else stopped by with pills.. then another 1/2 hour before I was given my prescriptions and then discharged. I didn’t make a big deal about waiting so long and it doesn’t bother me since around me, people were potentially dying and whatnot.

I got out of there about 3:00am and drove home.

That’s my story.. perhaps a bit dramatic, but it was definitely.. not fun. The first time I’ve been in the ER since I broke my nose maybe… 10 years ago– besides taking kids from camp and my “friend” at the time because she decided to do a handstand on her chin on the concrete sidewalk… ^_^

Anyways.. if you could keep me in thoughts and prayers.. I would appreciate it. At times the itching/pain/pins and needles feeling is a bit unbearable..

Another picture?

Arm at 11:30pm Monday, almost at its worst (angled slightly so you can see the oooooze)
Arm at 11:30pm Monday, almost at its worst (angled slightly so you can see the oooooze)

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  1. I loved how you waited until after 24…*sigh* I’m really glad you’re okay. Goodness, you were more calm than I was and you were the one who went to the ER! Ah yes…and from what I recall your “friend” at the time was trying to dodge an ice ball thrown by another “friend” and fell ever so gracefull…heh 😉 As always, you’ll be in prayers. 🙂

  2. Well, all I have to say is that it could have been worse had one of those R.O.U.S’s attacked you. On a more serious note, hope you feel better soon.

  3. Long story short-
    Its poison ivy.

    Historically I’ve been fairly immune to it and even though we have it growing around the house, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten it.

    Apparently I scraped a tree or a vine or something (as you can see by that initial scrape) and that caused the poison ivy to enter my blood stream. The doctor was explaining that my immunities likely held off the poison at first, but since it hit the blood stream, it was too much, too fast.

    Dan’s last blog post.. Worst Date Ever

  4. @Janie H. – When I was 17, I drilled a hole in my finger and they did the same thing (although for them it seemed the cut-off was 18 not 22). My story ends a bit better though because I was only there a few hours not 12.

    HT’s last blog post.. The behind the scenes look?..

  5. I had to go to the emergency room back in December. But because I’m 21 and not yet 22, they sent me across the hallway to the “Pediatric ER.” I was shocked! However, they assured me it would be much quicker over there. Even though I got a room right away and they took really good care of me, I was still there for about 12 hours. Ugh!

  6. xD yay for the princess bride parody intro! Technically speaking, 4.5 hours isn’t so bad for an ER… <_< about average.

    I’m now going to have to find a way to work this story into your birthday comic… *confiscates pictures for drawing reference*

    ZePuKa’s last blog post.. Green? and other colors, please!

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