Trying out new things…

Ok, so I’ve been hearing a bit about this new program called Windows Live Writer, where apparently you can edit your blog and create new posts within the application itself.

All seems to be working so far, so consider this a test. I really like having a standalone application to do this 😀

Along the same lines of trying out new things: over the past 8 years, we’ve had a president who, regardless of your thoughts on him, must admit that he was at least a courteous and respectful gentleman. You know what this means, of course… CHANGE

Over the past few speeches and conferences that Obama has partaken in, I’ve started noticing a disturbing trend. Watch below and see what I mean:

In case you didn’t catch it, it seems our President has a tendency to insult and poke derisively at the very people he calls out because they don’t bridge the gap over to the left..

Please keep in mind that I don’t disapprove of spunk and strength in the Presidency… All of the men memorialized on Mount Rushmore showed it and deserved their places up there (yes, that includes Roosevelt who pushed for universal health care and insurance towards the later part of his presidency). Being a good president doesn’t rest squarely on “the issues”, but also in the man’s character- his courage, his compassion, and his morality. Sadly, in all four areas, he seems to be lacking.

Last Sunday, HT"’s dad preached at my church. He said very graciously and very accurately how regardless of what we think of him or in what areas he doesn’t perform well, we have an obligation to love this man and his family and to pray for them. I was a bit convicted in that- frankly- I didn’t. I realized I had a bit of a plank in my own eye to get rid of.

So that’s my post, exactly 3 days late.

3 thoughts on “Trying out new things…”

  1. It seems to me that his desire to break out of the typical presidential mode is what makes him so popular. Our culture is so disrespectful, that a disrespectful president is cool. The Iraqi who threw the shoe at President Bush was given 3 yrs in prison and our country makes jokes about it.

    You are right though, God raises up and brings down kings. We have the responsibility to respect their position and pray for those in power -even when we do not agree with them.

  2. I have always been a bit disgusted at how un-presidential Obama acts and it seems like it’s only getting worse.

    I always have to stop myself though and make sure that I’m not only noticing these things because I don’t like his policies.

    HT’s last blog post.. The behind the scenes look?..

  3. Hummmm, let me think…when has Obama spoken before he has thought recently? Right on about how we need to pray for him though.

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