The behind the scenes look…..

You’ve seen the pictures, you’ ve read the posts, and now you will get the behind the scenes look at the going ons of when the WGKOOT got together.  It started when I nearly died going to the airport to pick up Ohyo.  There’s a reason they say that highway 95 is one of the deadliest.  Then Tom and Ohyo went to pick up Dan and hilarity ensued.  I unfortunately had to work while our little buddies were here.  I would wake up and (very quietly as Dan was sleeping on the sofa) eat breakfast and dash off to work.  I would come home afterwards to make supper for the three who had been playing video games all day.  (In all seriousness I love to cook and entertain, so this was not a problem)  Cords were strewn all over my house.  They appeared from all over snaking their way over and under furniture to connect into little laptops producing heat into an already warm house (we are in South Florida here).  There were many inside joke to be had all around.  I truly believe that week that I heard every “That’s what she said” jokes there is.

We went on this nice little car ride to a beach a little while north.  The boys played in the water and left me to be EATEN BY KILLER SEAGULLS!!!!!  Thankfully Tom came to rescue me.  After that little fiasco we went to Disney World.  There were many cool and exciting things to be seen.  The most disappointing thing of the day was that there weren’t any corn dogs , but the sight of the spectacular Prince Caspian movie trailer made up for it.  Disney was very exciting with all the adventurous shows and the drive home was quiet and peaceful since half of us were asleep (which was quite dangerous considering Tom was driving while half of his body was asleep).  The rest of the week ended out as anyone would expect with much video gaming playing and some video game playing, oh and did I mention video game playing?  Come Friday it was time for our grande company to go home.  After they left, the dishes were done, the furniture re-arranged, cords were put away, and my refrigerator re-stocked, I sat down on my sofa and thought about how sad it was that once again silence reigned supreme.


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  1. Was it a lot like being a counselor (I always thought co-ed cabins would be interesting)? Any “birdwatchers”, “lumberjacks” or homesick boys to tell on? Did you have to make everyone take a shower half way through the week? Haha!

  2. yup yup, and I was too lazy at 11pm last night to create an account for her. Thus the ‘signing’ at the end of the post.

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