Hi. You might not remember me, but… [Contest]

I’m still here. Being back to school is already taking its toll. After getting back from vacation, it was almost like we took a vacation from Zomgee.

I figure- what better time than to have another concept contest? Take a gander at the following vid and see if you can guess what our theme is:

Any guesses? What caught my eye/ear was the line “Everything is better with Bluetooth”.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to:

  • come up with a design/concept/idea of an item that would be epic if bluetooth was incorporated into it
  • concept must fall within normal zomgee contest rules (nothing crude, obscene, blasphemous, etc)
  • concept may be presented in text, picture, video, or a combination of any of the
  • concept must be submitted via comment to this post no later than 3/31/09
  • shortly thereafter, HT, OhYo, and I will review the entries and pick our favorites
  • a prize will be awarded to the winner valued between $10 and $15


Quality Up to X points
Design awesomeness 5
Thinking big (craziness) 2
Usefulness 2
How likely we
would be to
steal your idea
and patent it
Presentation +1 (Bonus)

Get to it!

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