Reunion Extravaganza: Day 2

Emergence… Awakening… I see the light; the light is shining bright. I rise to see the day with the sun on my face. It is glorious. The way leads me to a place of water, refreshing. Showers wash away the sorrow of the past and bring me optimism for a better day. Nourishment, it yet even comes to me before I beckon it. Hands prepare and present feasts untold. I find it energizing yet restful, though my path guides me onward without my reserve. A window is before me; yet surrounded by companions possessing their own, mine is unique in that I even now reach through it to grasp the hands of those afar off. It is wondrous; nevertheless a door summons me, whispers to me to explore the foreign land.

Sports games prevailed this day. Madden, Fifa, Tiger Woods and many other options presented themselves, but a very casual gaming day led us to rest at a nominal hour. The Henry’s, a family not seen at least by me for quite sometime, were in town and graced us with their presence. Laura slam dunked with Alfredo shrimp and croissants and then Mr. Henry busted out his laptop to show us ensuing improvements on Camp Lamoka on Tom’s 46” television. A few people had the gumption enough to send and receive phone calls with me since I’ve been down here and I am more than glad to chat with you and tell you how much more awesome it is than wherever you are. I think Saturday, we may try the beach.

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