How much can we trust him?

For those of you not paying attention to current events, last night President Obama gave his first address to a joint session of Congress which once a President has been in office a year or more is known as the State of the Union Address. If you got a chance to listen to it, you may have heard a lot of things you agree with no matter which side of the isle you sit. This is because, as is usual, the State of the Union address is generally crafted to appeal to a wide audience. In this case it was well known beforehand that Obama’s speech would be modeled after those of Ronald Reagan. This should seem odd to you since the ideology of President Obama and President Reagan are about as polar opposite as is physically possible and does seem unlikely that the ideas of socialism could be presented under the shroud of conservatism but if you heard the president’s speech last night that’s exactly what you witnessed.

Generally I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I’ve tried to hold off critism of our new president until he actually does something I disapprove of, and when reading his speech over I tried to do the same thing. That was until Obama claimed that he’s “proud that we passed the recovery plan free of earmarks.” Now I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, since I brought this up last week, but the so-called stimulus bill was many things but one thing it wasn’t was earmark free. In fact it was a bill that comprised lots of little Democrat projects they’ve been trying to get passed for at least a decade. This isn’t unexpected, realistically it’s the way Washington does business and while I’d like to see it reformed we all know that both the Republicans and Democrats have been putting earmarks in their bills since 1776. What I can’t accept is the President coming before a joint session of Congress and a large portion of the American people and flat out lying to us.

Remember Nixon, remember Clinton? What didn’t we like about them? It was that they lied to us. With those two former presidents they were lying about somewhat significant things. Clinton lied under oath which is a felony while Nixon lied about a crime he had people commit. The Democrats have been saying for years that George Bush lied about the war in Iraq and while I would disagree with them the point still remains that the American people don’t like liars. You could say, well Obama’s just lying about a silly bill. Sure if you consider a 900 billion dollar stimulus bill to be silly, or if you consider the future of our country’s economy to be a trivial matter then yes I might agree with you, but the fact of the matter is that he is lying about important things too.

It doesn’t simply stop there either. If he lied in this one sentence of a 5,902 word speech where else did he lie in it? Did he lie about saving jobs, or about the significance of his tax cuts? Did he lie about keeping local governments around the country responsible, or about the federal government’s fiscal responsibility? Did he lie about how effective government is at fixing problems, or did he lie about health care costs and risks or about global warming? The list goes on and on and on and this is just one speech. We already know he lied about posting legislation for 5 days prior to a vote and about keeping lobbyists out of his administration so I’m going to go out on a limb and say it: Barack Obama is a liar. That’s right he’s a liar and until he starts proving to me otherwise I’m not likely to trust a word he says. There is a lot of time left to start telling the truth Mr. President, but somehow I doubt we’ll see or hear that anytime soon.

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  1. Someone who is too overtly biased fails to see the things that are wrong with “their side” of a situation. Such a person on the Republican end would fail to see the excesses in executive power under the Bush administration. Such a person on the other side would complain to high heaven about the excesses in executive power made by the Bush administration but fail to see the excesses in the Obama administration.

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  2. I wouldn’t say that’s the “most horrific inaccuracy of all” and at least he wasn’t lying about it, he just doesn’t know the history of automobiles which I would say most people probably don’t know. His speech writer should probably have looked it up though.

    HT’s last blog post.. How much can we trust him?

  3. Good comments Dan. One thing that has bothered me about Obama from the beginning is the way he is rude to others in government. I’m not saying a joke here or there isn’t funny, but he’s done everything from flipping off Hillary Clinton to making comments like the one you mentioned. To say it’s un-presidential is an understatement.

    HT’s last blog post.. How much can we trust him?

  4. Some things I picked out of the speech (and yes, being ever more politically minded, I did actually watch it live):

    Nancy Pelosi is a tool. Obama officially has his own ovation coordinator AKA cheerleader. She jumped up and don’t more than OhYo’s costumed alter-ego’s accomplice.

    Obama said that under his watch, they were going to cure cancer.

    One of the most significant earmarks (that doesn’t exist of course) was the very foundations of socialized health care. You better believe it, it’s happening.

    Immediately following a part of his speech where he called upon bipartisanship, he says this:
    Notice: the reaction of repubs, Schumer’s idiotic smirk, Obama’s ‘earmark free’ line (and boos believe it or not), and, as I mentioned before, Nancy doing jump-and-clap-and-jacks.

    2 more things:
    He plans on not giving our children debt, while at the same time balancing a multitrillion $ deficit, tax break checks, and “lowering” taxes… I can only imagine that he plans on printing his own money to do this with.

    Lastly, he goes the entire speech implying and outrightly saying that we need to start loaning out money again. A) we didn’t stop loaning in the first place and B) How do you think we got into this whole thing? LOANS. Loans aren’t wants going to let us recover. Take a hint from SNL:

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