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Greetings from ZePuKa! Obviously, I’m not the usual poster for Fridays, but OhYo decided that he would slack off to take a skiing trip instead of writing a post, so you’re all stuck with the first substitute writer today! ^_^ As such, I hereby declare war if OhYo does not keep his promise to make a REAL post next week, after his virtually 3-week hiatus. (1 – Self-proclaimed ‘Gimme Day’; 2 – Explanation of ‘Gimme Day’ and Substitute writers; 3 – Substitute writer) Now with the pleasantry and formalities out of the way, let the real content commence!

I had a hard time deciding on what to write about, and thought of things from politics to the origins of head cheese. However, I’ve come to find that HT totally rocks at politics and thus my efforts in that area would be futile, and head cheese… While I might have the upper hand in that, I figured the first guest post shouldn’t be so… far fetched, ‘lest the idea of guest writers be shot down as a result. Therefore I decided to take a different approach; I tried to think what OhYo might post about, and then decided that I should write a post that OhYo would NEVER do. And to be quite honest, with all the reviews Stretch does, I’m dissapointed that this genre has not yet been seen on Zomgee! Henceforth, I give you the first. Ever. MUSIC REVIEW.ร‚ย 

Now, I’m sure anyone who’s ever spent even a little bit of time getting to know the Zomgees has probably heard this song by now, and though I won’t deny that it can be a catchy tune, my goal is to bring the ears of the Zomgee followers a little of relief and fast forward the lsitening to the 21st century.

Today’s artist spotlight is: Skillet! (just because I think OhYo would find listening to them to be painful ^_^)

If any band knows how to move the sound ahead, it’s Skillet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another band change so much with each release. Starting off with a more mild rock/pop sound in their first two albums, that I admit was quite painful to listen to, they progressed into their digitized (techo, synthetic) stage with two more albums. (Yes, I know, that ‘digitized’ link isn’t by Skillet; it’s there for a pun on the actual word) With these first stages out of the way, Skillet finally got it right when they moved into their metal phase. The release of their album “Collide” was released two different times under two different labels, and was really a breakthrough for the band. “Savior” in particular is a favorite among most panheads I know of. Continuing on in this fashion, Skillet released their album “Comatose” a few years later. Featuring more orchestral and acoustic background sounds, this album combined the good points of “Collide” and the earlier acoustic sounds for a more gothic, and in some songs, popish sound. I’ve really enjoyed hearing how far this band has come, though I’ll be the first to tell you that they still need to work on their music videos. xP

As far as sound ratings go, I’d give their first two thirds of their work 3 stars at best, since some songs were just plain painful to listen to, but for their last two albums, I’d give them both 5 stars and highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys the more driving sounds of rock/light metal.
Through it all, Skillet has stayed close to their Christian roots, always offering Christian messages to their listeners. The only qwip I have is in their latest album, as these messages are more heavily masked by metaphors in comparisson to earlier albums so that pre-Christians that listen to the album can’t figure out immediately that they’re listening to songs about God. This can be a powerful witnessing tool if they have someone to explain the lyrics to them, but if it’s just a CD they picked up off the sale rack, they’ll be hard pressed to figure it out on their own. Overall, I give the lyrics a 4 star rating.
In terms of live performances… GO TO ONE. You have not lived til you’ve seen a live Skillet show! It really beats me how they can put on such a good live show and then make crappy music videos… but ah well, 5 stars to live performance! =D

So there you have it, the first ever music review on Zomgee, presented by guest ZePuKa! It’s not much, but I figured it’s good to try something new.

You may now commence throwing of rotted tomatoes… AT OHYO, cause it was all his idea in the first place! ๐Ÿ˜€

God bless,


9 thoughts on “Not Your Usual Friday…”

  1. hey, it did post! …and for some reason didn’t show up til now… xD I do recall seeing that, prolly in a twitter update, but yeah, it hasn’t been posted on zomgee…

    ZePuKa’s last blog post.. Updates

  2. How dare you write about non-hymn Christian music!

    In all seriousness, I think I have to agree with ZePuKa on Ohyo’s posting habits. He has shirked his responsibilities for 3 weeks now so he better get his rear in gear.

    Also, nice review, I’ll have to check out some of these links when I get some free time.

    HT’s last blog post.. What is a tax cut?

  3. So what happens if a guest poster turns out to be more entertaining than the normal writer? I mean, I’m not implying anyone could ever be more entertaining than OhYo, or any other Zomgee for that matter, I was just.. you know… musing…

    Anywho, Don’t break a leg Ohyo! Would hate to see you unable to do anything other than post on the internets…..

  4. I’m glad you decided to go with something OHYO would never post about!!!!

    As much as I love reading what you three come up with something always terribly goes wrong when we women try to think like guys. Guys are unique unto their breed and that is as it should be ….As for his (OHYO’s) post last week about the Gimme days..I think it should count Because it was what was on his mind! and that is the point of a blog!

    Happy Mama’s last blog post.. Lady Bug learned something New!!!!

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