The Zomgee Bubble

During the past year has had fairly steady posting and while we may not have updated as frequently as some may have preferred, the site was at least consistent. At the end of 2008 everything changed and the evil CEOs of Zomgee decided to get greedy and push for more and more posting. Expectations were set high, and the post volume increased likewise. The greed could only be fueled for so long and I’m afraid that over the last week we may have seen the Zomgee bubble burst.This past week we have seen a decline in posts that hasn’t happened in months and unless we act now we are likely to see further reductions that will be catastrophic to the long term survivability of Zomgee itself. Only by a central power put in charge of everything we be able to make the changes necessary for the common good of Zomgee and its readers. Therefore I am proposing a broad-reaching bail-out stimulus plan to save Zomgee and pull us out of this recession we are facing. Revitalizing our posting is a large task but one we cannot take lightly.

My plan will start by upgrading any infrastructure concerns we may have. We must keep on top of the WordPress updates that may come out in the future as well as invest in dozens of new plugins. We will, over the next few months, spend resources on reorganizing the site and making sure that everything is easily accessible and readable. We will also spend time and money making sure our servers are as good as they possibly can be. If necessary we will upgrade service plans and switch companies and we will make sure that Zomgee loads as fast as any site out there.

My plan will also focus on the research and development needs of Zomgee. We will pour our dollars into the Mozilla Foundation and we will add a research position a year from now to seek out more knowledge about issues and to create ideas for the future. We will also spend money on various small projects that need not be listed here.

Finally we will seek to tweak our revenue stream by targeting only those readers who do a lot of reading. After All the little-guy readers need not be burdened exceedingly. We will therefore increase the ads for power users and while this will perhaps decrease your enjoyment of the site a bit you have plenty of enjoyment to go around. It will ensure that we spread the load among all our users and allow for more fairness to everyone.

We must create a better tomorrow for Zomgee and we need to start by taking action today. Without this stimulus package we will continue to post less and less and if we’re not carefully we may not even have a Zomgee left in the years to come. Please join me now in supporting what will be a monumental plan to increase posts in the year to come.

7 thoughts on “The Zomgee Bubble”

  1. McOhYo vs Tombama, the epic e-political debate.

    Dan is Nader, and Zepuka is Limbaugh.

    Gill must be someone who wants they’re entire e-debt paid by the e-government.

    This leaves slots for Biden and Palin XD.

    OhYo’s last blog post.. Gimmy Day

  2. Hahaha! This post was well worth the week wait. xD At least ONE of you wants to keep Zomgee alive… though I question your techniques… too left wing for my tastes. xD

    ZePuKa’s last blog post.. Updates

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