Good News

I am often the bringer of bad news, the harbinger of the horrible and the writer of worldly woes yet today I think we could all stand to hear some good news. No one wants to talk about how we’re poised to go into a period of record inflation, large scale job-loss, all kinds of new taxes, and more broken government programs. You don’t want to think about bailouts of everything under the sun, nor about how if you happen to live in California you’ll get an IOU rather than a tax-rebate, or if you’re in New York you’ll have dozens of new taxes added to your new year, or how if you live in South Florida your schools won’t be getting the money they use to get.

Don’t worry about the bad news, you’ll just get ulcers. Instead focus on the good things, like the nice weather we’re all having right now. I mean I’ve got my windows open and my shorts on. I know some people find it a little chilly but hey it’s not that bad. Walk outside at night and it’s a bit cool but otherwise it’s quite comfortable and there’s even a nice breeze right now. All in all when we’ve got nothing else, at least we we can be thankful for the weather. I hope all of you are enjoying it as much as I am because really if you don’t have this nice weather it’d be really easy to get down and depressed about the state of the world.

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