Zomgee Top 12: A Year In Review

I had started writing an article to be published today, but decided for the sake of Zomgee to spare you all.

Instead, I bring you Zomgee: A Year in Review. I would recommend going back through the montly archives to say hi to all our old posts, but here are the top 12 as I see them, based on hits, humor, and quality:

12 – In Memorium

by Dan on Apr.06, 2008

A quick look at Charlton Heston, his life, and the man that he was.

11 – Life and Death in America

by Dan on Sep.04, 2008

It can be surprising the lessons you learn by taking a look at your family history.

10 – 6 Things that Should Cost Less

by Dan on Dec.12, 2008


9 – The Difference a Phone Call Makes

by HT on May.01, 2008

HT takes it upon himself to explore the unknown.

8 – Apologies..

by Dan on Jan.08, 2008

Just a tiny bit of Hillary bashing…

7 – The Return of the Commercials

by Dan on Feb.06, 2008

What’s a list without Super Bowl commercials?

6 – Best of: Applications pt. 1

by Dan on Feb.19, 2008

Some of the best programs/services known to man

5 – Project: Carputer

by Dan on Jul.17-Aug.17, 2008

Seriously.. wow.

4 – End of an Era: Change is Here

by HT on Nov.05, 2008

Obama… /facepalm

3 – Happy New Year 2oo8

by OhYo on Jan.03, 2008

Get the real story behind Dick Clark

2 – Pakistan, meet Internet 0.0

by Dan on Feb.25, 2008

So.. Pakistan was bad and lost the Internet.. Also, our most popular post over, garnering 597 views to date.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

1 – Concerning Santa Claus

by HT on Dec.24, 2008

A very recent post.. Where else can you find proof that Santa is a bit more Middle-Earth-ish than you thought?

6 thoughts on “Zomgee Top 12: A Year In Review”

  1. Ye Olde Zomgee Posts: It’s like sitting back on the couch as a grandparent and watchin’ the little youngin’s roll around. The Official Dick-Clark-Is-A-Zombie-Watch campaign is still underway (we think) so all is well.

    OhYo’s last blog post.. ?Tis the season?

  2. Ahh some nice zomgee memories there. Let’s all raise our sparkling grape juice glasses and toast to a 2009 with at the very least 300% more zomgee.

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