‘Tis the season…

…to be reminded that people still hate others any day of the year. Any problem can be traced to pride, but while dealing with roots running too deep in our sinful nature, pride can lead in so many directions, especially when coupled with ignorance. If you haven’t seen this story already, it can be shocking:

Santa-Suit gunman’s rampage leaves 9 dead

I haven’t had a ‘warm and fuzzy feeling’ along with the Christmas season for a while. It’s hard to say ‘this season is to remember Jesus’ birth’ especially when there’s so many other days of the year to do it. This should at the very least be a good reminder that if someone who “had no criminal record and no history of violence” can hate so much on a day of jolly and mirth is more sound and devoted to an evil cause that we can to our own causes on any day. People seem like they’ve ‘tried love’ or are bored with it, but they’re begging for it, even when they push it away. Love more and things might turn out better than you expected.

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