Project: Carputer – Part 1

For the past couple months, I’ve been developing a project in my mind. It all started with a conversation I was having with a coworker about computer desks. I decided that I’d like one similar to this: the V1 Chair. Since they were silly enough to post practically blueprints on their website, I thought it’d be great to build. I did some research and the price for the metal would have been around $200 for steel, $300 for aluminum. I wanted the steel so that I’d have an excuse to play with the welder, but other opportunities arose.

About 2 months or so ago, I was having a look at some of the IT bathroom reading material and happened upon this article in Popular Science. I instantly knew what I wanted from then on. Instead of a Battlestar Galactica theme, I wanted a car theme.

For the sake of knowing the context of my forthcoming decision-making, I should let you know that recently my family bought a Grand Prix. Its the last body style and I absolutely love the interior.

Continuing on- I found a website that specializes in selling parts from late model, totaled vehicles. The company was called P@m’s @ut0 (no, there aren’t really symbols in the name, but I will not write out their name nor link to their site because the tremendous amount of hassle they gave me, the inaccuracy of their site, and the low level of competancy exhibited). Through that site, I gained more of an idea of how I was going to bring this project about: I needed a seat and a dashboard.

I struggled mentally with the disbelief that I’d actually follow through with this and that even if I did build this .. computing center, it would turn out horribly.

Through some of my brother’s contacts and with a mild investment, I took the leap of faith.

The Dashboard.
The Dashboard via totaled Grand Prix

As this is the first step to prove to myself that I’m serious, I hope to bring you updates as I progress. Perhaps I’ll even get a spot on Pop Sci 😉

Next Steps? Get the seat and start rigging a frame for the dash.

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