When you’ve run out of music…

So I’m taking a break from this inordinantly long lab report on every aspect you could imagine regarding DNS to bring you this message:

I’m bored with my iTunes library.

Now, normally, one might go out and grab a .torrent or pop open a peer to peer file sharing application (tsk tsk, shame on you), but seeing as I don’t want to become one of the RIAA’s latest targets, I’ve turned to a new solution.

Now, I have to tell you first that I stumbled upon this a few days ago and started listening to it at work.

The service I’m referring to is Last.fm– a free Internet radio station. Picture Launch, Yahoo’s similar offering, strip out the ads, increase the quality, and you have endless streaming music. It literally took me 30 seconds to start listening from the time I typed in the URL.

One of the things I love about Last.fm is the ability to listen to music similar to a certain artist. If I’m feeling like listening to Mae but am sick of all their songs, just type in ‘Mae’ and music similar to Mae starts to play. Say you want to wake up in the morning and have a kicking 5.1 system, punch in ‘Hammerfall’ and crank the volume.

Love the idea of Internet radio but afraid of closing out of the window or dislike having another window open? Grab the application Vista Virtual Desktop (works with XP and Vista) and shot that window over to the second desktop, along with anything else you want. Mac users will be familiar with this program since its basically a ripoff of Spaces, which is a ripoff of a feature Linux/Gnome/KDE has had forever.

Or, even better, take the code you can generate by clicking on the “Embed” link in the player window, create an html file and save it on your computer, and then stick it onto your desktop via Windows Active Desktop (XP only, Vista users take a look here). Now you don’t even have to open anything. Just click the play button sitting on your desktop!

10 thoughts on “When you’ve run out of music…”

  1. I believe there is also a LastFM widget for Google Desktop. I’m not sure of its functionality compared to others mentioned here, but I’m sure it’s worth checking out if you use Google Desktop.

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  2. Because its one thing to install a desktop utility that integrates into the system and lets you do some crazy stuff with your computer- its another thing to install a standalone audio player that has quite a bit of overhead and potentially phones home.
    Granted, just downloading the player is easy, but who says easy is better?

    Dan’s last blog post..When you?ve run out of music?

  3. If you’re interested in on-line radio stations pandora.com is also good. I’ve been using that one for a while now and it’s nice because you can type who you want to listen and then it continuously plays music similar to what you typed in. It’s a lot like last.fm only slightly different format

  4. Heh, I had a last.fm account looong ago then got rid of it… xD but it basically sucked back then as it had just come out… I may try it again since your description makes it sound like it’s improved a great deal.

    uh! sick of MAE!?!?!?!? =O

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