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  1. This has been a rather interesting discussion and brings up some accurate points on the various candidates. In the end this is irrelevant as Romney has stepped down and Huckabee has no chance of the nomination except for a miracle. What we really have is a Republican Party that has given us McCain. Largely I look at Huckabee as the reason for McCain as the attention of the party quickly focused on his religious spat with Romney and no one paid attention to McCain allowing him the time unnoticed to rise to the top.
    The party on a whole now has moved away from conservatism. Each election we are moving one more step away from conservative values of small government and individual control or choice. If McCain wins this election we will move much further away from the values that made us Republican. Following Clinton, who the conservatives held to a draw, Bush has led our party away from conservative views on small verses big government. We were fed a line with Bush, we bought it on the basis of moral values and military strength and it has brought us down a road that I fail to see can be corrected. If McCain wins our part is finished as we know it. He has won the primaries on the backs of independents and less than Republicans. By bringing these in as the basis of his support the party will no longer have a conservative base but a moderate or may I say liberal base (as compared to the past). I need not spell out McCain’s record we all know it has been prided on going against his party and to vote him in simply to avoid a slightly more liberal alternative will finish our party.
    We seem to now have a pre-primary to see which liberals will face each other in the fall. Then we can vote (like a primary) to see which liberal will step into the office without any real alternative speaking for the citizens of this country that hold to solid conservative values on many issues.

  2. As you totally disregard the fact that Arkansas is enjoying an 800-some million dollar surplus now. A $1B turn around is quite significant. Considering he’s led a $250M savings on average each year while increasing economic and education based spending- leading the charge in cutting taxes in some 20-odd cases and raising it in a handful…

    Seems to me like he has his finances in order.

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  3. Definitely- that’s why Ron Paul is so alluring to a lot of people, yet he’s an election or two too early. Seeing as how libertarian ideals aren’t going to get a firm foothold this time around- I’d like to see the nation get out of debt, reduce foreign dependencies, and stop the falling value of our currency. Only then will libertarianism be a viable answer to America’s needs.

    Dan’s last blog post.. Super Tuesday Begins

  4. See that’s where you miss the whole point of Reaganism, since you brought that part up. You cut taxes which actually helps the economy since more money is out there to be spent.

    From an economic standpoint this needs to start at the industrial level: give companies intensives to stay in the country, enact tort reform etc. Then give tax cuts to citizens which encourages spending.

    The government all-in-all needs to get their hands out of as much as possible. The government caused increase gas prices by mandating ethanol usage which has led to across the board increases in food costs. The government caused the housing market collapse by mandating that low-income families (read that people who can’t afford houses) be given loans for houses. The list can go on and on. We need reduced government, reduced spending, reduced regulation, and reduced taxes.

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  5. Fair enough- but to clarify: simply cutting spending might be enough to curtail a growing deficit, but making it up and perhaps having a national surplus (gasp!) requires a bit more than merely tightening the belt.

    While I don’t like raised taxes- desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Dan’s last blog post.. Super Tuesday Begins

  6. a) I don’t recall talking much about Reagan conservatism much to you, but if I did you would not have heard me suggest that big spending by the government is a good choice.

    b) If you’ve heard me criticize Bush at all, which I have done a lot, you would know that one of the biggest areas that he has gone completely wrong is is fiscal liberalism.

    More government spending will not fix our economy and more taxation will harm it. Yes government spending suggests that it improves our economy but in the long run it is not the way to fix things. Yes taxation may “fix” the deficit but the problem is big spending and it needs to stop. The entire government structure needs to radically change and while I don’t think Romney is the perfect guy to do it, he’s got things a bit more straight when it comes to the economy than does Huckabee.

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  7. Nice twist on my words.
    You regularly hearken to Reagan as a symbol of strong Republican-hood and have cited in the past it would be great to have a Reagan 2.0- yet he was hardly fiscally conservative.

    Bush was billed as fiscally conservative, yet his new 3.1 trillion budget leaves us some 400 billion in the hole.

    Before we point fingers at who spends what, we need to realize that the only way we’re going to survive the next 4 years is with raised taxes and lowered spending. We need to reclaim a lot of this deficit.

    To nip this in the bud a bit consider the following from factcheck.org:
    “[A] press release from former Tennessee Sen. Thompson accuses Huckabee of more than doubling state spending, from $6.6 billion to $16.1 billion at the end of 2006. But those numbers aren’t correct. When we talked to Mike Stormes, the administrator of the Office of Budget for the state of Arkansas, we discovered a different story. In fact, after adjusting for inflation, we found that spending in fiscal year 1998 (the first budget for which Huckabee was responsible) was actually $10.4 billion, while spending at the end of 2006 was $15.6 billion. That’s a big increase, but it’s a far cry from doubling state spending.

    “It’s worth noting, too, that Huckabee, despite facing a $200 million shortfall in 2002, ended his term with a surplus of $844.5 million. A billion dollar turnaround is, we think, a noteworthy accomplishment.”

    Dan’s last blog post.. Super Tuesday Begins

  8. No I didn’t say you did that, I said Christians have done that, namely in Iowa where a smear campaign against Romney’s Mormonism was what led to Huckabee’s surprise win.

    I’m sorry to hear that you think that just because I haven’t been getting up on the pointless candidates for a year means that I don’t have a clue what’s going on.

    Huckabee is not a fiscal conservative. By in large that’s one of the most important things to me in this election, especially when comparing candidates that are similar in some other things. He is a big government, big spending guy and his record as governor supports this. I don’t care if you think it’s loving your neighbor to give amnesty to illegal aliens, I can’t ever agree with that, nor can I agree with using tax payer money for tuition for illegal immigrants which is another policy that Huckabee inacted as governor.

    I have no doubt that you don’t believe in Huckabee just because he’s a Christian, but I think many people do and I think its a shame and a waste.

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  9. So much for the land of the free and home of the brave then, right? When it comes to illegals we have 3 choices- encourage and require citizenship or else; export them regardless; allow them to stay as they are. I’d contend that “Love Thy Neighbor” doesn’t stop at the border or the green card line.

    As for the Romney-abortion card, that’s a perfectly valid card to play- if for no other reason then to state that when he was elected in MA he was on the opposite side of the fence. Perhaps he became not what his voters wanted?

    Show me where Huckabee wavered. You seem to think (and imply) that I blindly follow religious ideals when it comes to a candidate- that because Huckabee IS an ordained pastor, that he’s the guy for me. I would have hoped that I would earn a little bit more respect than that- considering that I have been “up” on this issue and the candidates for almost a year now.

    Dan’s last blog post.. Super Tuesday Begins

  10. Hey man if you’re cool with illegal aliens becoming citizens that’s cool with me, but I won’t vote for him to do that.

    Obviously Dan we don’t come to the same conclusions. Huckabee’s record just doesn’t hold up to his current stances, the same way McCain’s doesn’t hold up to his. I can’t rationalize voting for someone who floats with the wind. And don’t pull the well Romney was for abortion before he was against it card, because its the only example of that and he changed it long before he decided to run for president.

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  11. Immigration policy? Huckabee is for strict border controls but also in favor of a structured path to citizenship for aliens. I don’t know what so unsettling about that- in essence he’s saying that the borders are closed unless you want to get in the right and legal way. Your opinions are yours to hold- I just want to make sure that you’re getting the right information since we have a somewhat similar thought process and when faced with the same facts I’m confident we’d make the same decision. And it wasn’t too long ago that you said you didn’t know where anyone stood.

    Dan’s last blog post.. Super Tuesday Begins

  12. a) I’m not sure where you got that from since he’s for the war, for the troop surge and for staying in Iraq.
    b) I can’t remember the exact statement, but it was a letter or memo or something of the like that Huckabee said some troubling things about the war and Bush. I wish I could remember the details but it was not exactly in keeping with what is official policy as stated on his campaign website is.

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  13. Solid regarding what specifically about the war? While we’re on the topic of war, Romney is basically “letz gtho m8” but saves face to follow party lines. Think about it… Mormon != war

    Dan’s last blog post.. Super Tuesday Begins

  14. I don’t think that social issues are the only part of elections. Huckabee and Romney both have the social issues down, so I focus on the other issues.

    Oh and if you’re going to bring up the war, Huckabee is far from solid on that issue.

    I’d say his immigration policy is the most troubling though. That and his bigotism.

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  15. So then what you’re saying, is that you’re pro-choice, against the death penalty, for stem cell research, for homosexual marriage and civil unions, in favor of the troop withdrawl, and, to top it off, against net neutrality?
    When it comes to the issues, he is the traditional conservative, yet he acknowledges the bounds of presidency (re: evolution in the classroom) and is bipartisanly likable.
    Take a gander at http://www.2decide.com/table.htm

    Dan’s last blog post.. Super Tuesday Begins

  16. Well for starters the first thing that turned me off to him as how his whole campaign was centered around being Christian – as if that was the sole reason we should vote for him. Then to make a surge in Iowa he basically acted like a bigot by assaulting Romney just because he was Mormon. Now Romney is not my first choice and I don’t like him on everything by any means but as a Christian that should be the last thing Huckabee attacked him on.

    Those were my first reactions to the guy. When I dug deeper I saw that he was the last thing from a conservative. His policy record and everything else does not match up with what I believe, and while I can’t agree with everything Romney believes either its like night and day really. The only thing Huckabee has going for him is the flat tax and that doesn’t have a prayer in congress.

    I’m sorry but him being a Christian is not enough reason for me to vote for him. I won’t do it – even if he won in the primaries which just because he has 5 states doesn’t give him a prayer – I still wouldn’t vote for him. I won’t vote for a Republican blindly just because he’s going up against Hillary or Obama just like I won’t vote for Huckabee blindly just because he is a former Baptist Minister.

    I will hand it to Huckabee for doing far better than expected. Of course were he not in the race we’d have a better shot at a decent candidate…but of course he’s probably trying to throw some weight around at the convention and become a vice president or something like that.

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  17. Dude.. what do you have against Huckabee that you’re always bashing him? At least explain why. We have good reasons for staunchly opposing McCain, Obama, and Hillary- and considering he’s currently winning 5 states, saying he doesn’t belong is even more unfounded.

    Dan’s last blog post.. Super Tuesday Begins

  18. Dan I think its quite obvious that the republicans choosing someone with a voting record as liberal as Hillary Clinton is worse than the democrats not being able to make up their mind.

    Of course if Huckabee would have left the race like a man, we could have seen the one half-way conservative candidate left actually have a chance and possibly pull it out – but no he’s too much of a…no I won’t say it, I’m sure I shouldn’t say it…

    [starts to sing] Its the end of the Republican party as we know it…its the end of the…[song trails off in the distance]

    HT’s last blog post.. The Best Ever!

  19. I’d just like to say that if the primaries were based on the amount of people spamming on digg, twitter, slashdot, etc that they voted and who they voted for, Ron Paul would win and Obama would be a distant second. Keep that in mind for another one of my future posts…

    Dan’s last blog post.. Super Tuesday Begins

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