As a humble apology and desperate attempt to bring you content you haven’t seen yet, I give you… Cry baby Hillary.

One of the things that I love about Hillary, absolutely LOVE, is how she can sound like she’s making sense, but be speaking nonsense at the same time. HillaryFor instance, the last sentence of that video clip is: “I just believe so strongly in who we are as a nation.” Huhwah? Now me, I personally believe so strongly in the child-like youth of a newborn baby. What does that even mean?

To add to the laughability, Hillary has completely altered her appearance to be more “I can change things, I’ll do what you want” etc etc, and yet in her short stint so far as senator, she’s accomplished next to nothing and she does not do what I want: quit. If she can’t even successfully follow through with eating right and excercising (as she says in the clip), how is she going to run a nation? Hillary2She makes a huge deal (somewhat in this video, more elsewhere) about how being apart of a previous presidency (yet she never calls it what it is: a giant coattail ride the likes of which even Six Flags can’t even dream about) has given her experience and how she has had considerable time around the Oval Office. To that I say “Woah nelly.” Why? Well if she was truly around the Oval Office on a consistent basis, the name “Monica Lewinsky” might still be unfamiliar to us.

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  1. People are sad: if Hillary wants to try to sway the masses by crying, she has a lot to learn. If she should happen to win the Presidency (and the Rapture does not simultaneously happen), I think that we should secede from the Union. Okay, maybe that is a little extreme, but can you image how far downhill our country would get. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the terror organizations send their people over to become citizens just so they can vote for her. I can’t believe how much of a troublemaker I am, but you cannot honestly tell me that it would never happen. Although if you never want anything bad ( like a terrorist attack) to happen to America again, by all means vote for Hillary because the terrorists like her.

  2. ew.

    On a sidenote, my mom thought your entry was hilarious. šŸ˜€ Especially the last sentence… she also found a vid that interviewed the lady who asked hilary the infamous question that brought her to tears, and she’s gonna vote for Obama instead! xD

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  3. I really like the part where she said that she had so many opportunities for our country and didn’t want to see us fall backwards……too bad this great philosophy hasn’t been implemented in her state of NY where the job opportunities are heading South…literally. Perhaps if I had a liberal mind (you know, one that abandons reason, logic, and morals), those crocodile tears could change me.

  4. Her point is she’s sad she’s getting her butt kicked and she’s amazed that its happening.

    I read something recently that compared her saying she has presidential experience by being in the white house to Brett Farve’s wife having the experience to play quarterback in the playoffs because she’s lived with him in his house. Now this analogy doesn’t work 100% but it does indicate how ridiculous her claim really is.

    Also I like how she used “I” every other word when trying to make us feel she has the country’s interest in mind.

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  5. Haha! I know what you mean, that video clip made no sense; I was left asking, “…and your point?” even though she took a good few minutes to randomly babble.

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