Introducing: Handsome Tom

Over the past few days I’ve been arguing with myself as to whether or not I should write a  welcome message or just jump right into the thick of things with a real post. It seemed somehow that introducing myself to people, who for the most part, already knew me was superfluous yet here I am doing exactly that. Perhaps one day when this blog has spanned out to readers we do not know that this will serve to them as their introduction to me. Hopefully that will not cause them to immediately turn away from the site.

I have been blogging since late 2003 and for better or worse everything that I have written is out there for all to read. I can most certainly look back and realize what a horrible writer I have been on some occasions and yet notice eloquence on others and let us all hope that throughout my endeavors on I will lean more toward the later.

What can you expect from me here that you didn’t get on Well for starters I’m going to update more often. This coupled with the fact that there are two other authors means regular updates for this site which can only be a good thing. What I will be updating about is another thing altogether. My old site was a hodge podge of anything and everything that I felt like writing. Here I will be sticking to some staple topics and hopefully not straying too far from any of them.

The main topic that I will discuss that the other two authors will not is politics and current events. Now don’t worry this doesn’t mean I’ll be shoving Hillary vs. Obama or Romney vs. Giuliani down your throats or anything but I will be giving commentary on events currently taking place and how they fit into the world we live in and more specifically how I think we should look at these events. Yes, they will be opinion pieces so please feel free to disagree with me. I love a good discussion and I love seeing the thoughts of different people with competing viewpoints. It makes for good reading.

Secondly I will probably spend a lot of time writing in such a way that could be considered ranting. I use to call my old site the “Rantings of a Lord of the Rings Fanatic” and that is because I will often notice a given topic that needs discussing and spend some time discussing it. I plan on continuing this trend although probably with less fervor than I have in the past.

Finally I will definitely spend some time writing movie reviews. Dan has mentioned that he would like to do this as well and I welcome that, however, we will both likely not agree on every film or watch every film so we can probably tag team this effort without any trouble. I personally want to make this an entire section of the site that users can go to, to see what we recommend, but we’ll see if and when that happens.

The long story short is that I write far more than I need to and is here to stay. We look forward to you reading what we have to say and letting us know what you think.

8 thoughts on “Introducing: Handsome Tom”

  1. No, I get what you mean. If I just naturally enjoy a movie, I like it. If I don’t have an immediate like of the movie and I analyze it a bit more and I like the elements that make up the movie, I “like” it. If neither appeal to me, then its off to the chopping block. Your priority is the latter, I treat them fairly equally.

    Dan’s last blog post.. How not to end up in a ditch

  2. Alright I can agree to that. I think my point was that I enjoy action movie like Transformers or Die Hard, but I don’t see them cinematicly as “good films.” Whereas you rate movies simply on what you enjoy. Both ways of looking at movies are totally okay, and actually if you say you enjoyed a movie I’ll probably enjoy it too, I just may not “like” it.

    If that makes any sense. So no don’t take offense it was not an insult just an observation.

    HT’s last blog post.. Introducing: Handsome Tom

  3. LoL.. I’m not sure if thats an insult are not. I tend to like movies that may be a bit more .. visceral? Is that a safe word to use? I’m thinking of Transformers, Die Hard (I’m not sure as your your thoughts on that). I like them for the magnitude (Trans), or constant action (DH4), huge budget (both), and crazy effects (both) even if the tech side of it is terrible (DH4) or is just plain unrealistic and cheesy at times (Trans). However, when it comes to movies that explore odd circumstances (Dan in Real Life), I’m also a bit of a fan. I think we share very similar tastes when it comes to idiocy (99% of new comedies) and epic films (LotR).

    Dan’s last blog post.. How not to end up in a ditch

  4. Actually according to facebook movies we agree 77% of the time which is considered “soul mates.” I think that number is skewed a bit based on the movies they picked but nonetheless we certainly agree sometimes. I think what we disagree most about is that while we may both enjoy a movie you will rate it higher even if the movie was bad. In other words I may enjoy a bad movie but I will still rate it poorly if its bad whereas you may rate it higher because you enjoyed it, if that makes any sense.

    HT’s last blog post.. Introducing: Handsome Tom

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