9 thoughts on “New endings, viable opportunities, first impressions”

  1. No, not a grammar Nazi… I let things slip, it’s just excessive stuff I don’t like… so not quite a Nazi, more like a Baptist? xD The Baptists have semi-strict rules… not as many as some other religions, and more that others… Though perhaps switching the analogy from a political view to a religious view might warrant a bashing… x.X

    For the record, I had no problem with this post since the errors were not obvious until further scrutiny was applied. If da PosT wer mOr lAiK thsi, Then i wooD hAf uh pRob.

  2. Well there’s two errors in the first paragraph, lots of slang in the second paragraph as well as a repeat of a mistake made in the first paragraph, and in the last, an intentional misspelling of a word… at least, I -think- it was intentional… o_O; But you have to be reading it with grammar/spelling in mind to notice those things… if you’re just reading it to read it, they’re not obvious.

  3. O_O! no… spelling/grammar errors! At least not upon first glance anyway…

    What’s with the pic of the dude?

    Yay for gaia avatar! Boo for the now corrupt gaia-online. xP

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