So by now you should have seen the sweet looking countdown letting you know when zomgee.com is going live. I’m actually writing this quite a few hours beforehand so that this is waiting for you when the doors to this place open. Let me explain what is going on here.

Tom, Pete, and I decided that instead of three separate blogs, we’d pull together and have a joint blog- tying together each of our unique reader base and shifting our focus from large, infrequent, and often personal posts to shorter (sometimes), more frequent (hopefully), and widely appealing articles. I, personally, have several awesome ideas for posts I want to get started on, but those shall come soon.

Believe me- the stuff we’re going to be spitting out for you guys is just about as diverse as you can imagine.. everything from cars, tech stuff, computers, and games to stuff that I can’t even speculate about right now. All this to say- you’re going to want to register- or at least subscribe.

Have your own blog? Great! We have some plugins installed solely for your benefit. CommentLuv is a great plugin that gets your latest post from your website and shows it right below your comment. We also have a Gravatar plugin, which lets an avatar you have uploaded to Gravatar.com be displayed next to your comment (its free too!).

Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS feed and email updates! For even more control over what you subscribe to, please feel free to register. Don’t worry, all email addresses and personal information submitted are strictly confidential and will not be sold, distributed, or given to any 3rd parties.

Check back often and let us know what you think!

12 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. oh! it’s back to light background… so it’s a -._.- pattern…
    light dark bordered dark light… if I’m right this one’s dark…

  2. hm, that’s weird… light background, dark background, dark background with light outline, then another dark background… how’s the comment scheme work?

    PS – I’m quite looking forward to it. ^_^ You guys have always come across as comical and interesting with your writings, so I’m sure the grand combobulation will turn out well!

  3. @Andy – thanks for the custom CommentLuv script- it seems to be working perfectly. thanks as well for the blessings on us all ^.^

    @Zepuka – It’ll sure be interesting. Like I said, I have a lot of ideas already that’ll be sure to incur laughs as well as interest.

    Dan’s last blog post..Welcome!

  4. Oh wow… los tres amigos… this oughta be interesting, to say the least… o_O;

    Hm, I guess I shall be the first to test that gravatar thinger, and I shall do so by resurrecting my old gaia avatar since you have a gaia avatar theme going on… =P

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