November is just 11 months away

prez.pngWe’ve been in the midst of Presidential election campaigning for nigh unto a year now, and frankly, I’m getting sick of it all. I’m tired of the double speak from journalists and writers saying that we shouldn’t vote for a president who holds religious beliefs because religion shouldn’t play into this election (isn’t that letting religion play into the election?) or who advocate electing a woman/black man almost solely for those qualities (and speak out against sexism/racism with the next breath).

For your benefit, I’ve thrown together a list of things I’m putting into practice until November 08.

  • Ignore the media. It’s a good thing. I’m going to do myself a favor this year and research the candidates on my own- from unbiased and biased sources alike.
  • Avoid brainwashing. I will not accept the mindless, zombie-like groups’ opinion as fact *cough college campuses cough*
  • Beware of those zombie mobs. I will remember that they can be violent if opposition to Colbert or Ron Paul is heard.
  • Resist the temptation to follow the crowd. I know that everyone at school seems to support one person, but not only are my beliefs and opinions my own (hence my candidate), limiting my view to only my peers limits my “big-picture view” to one demographic and doesn’t accurately show the real big picture.
  • Weigh your choice against their real-world success. I will not support a candidate with no chance at all of winning. This will potentially make a viable and desirable 2nd choice candidate lose their chance as well.
  • Identify with a candidate. When the field narrows and I have a clear winner in my mind, I’ll support them proudly and try to convince others as well.
  • Get to know the candidates. Looking like an ignorant fool (while common in my case) is not an option when it comes to supporting a candidate.
  • Don’t be a poor loser. You don’t have to make a million websites if your candidate loses- Deal with it. And for crying out loud, scrape the loser’s sticker off of your bumper

That being said, there are a few good resources out there to help you decide what candidate you really like.

Mosio on down…

Mosio LogoA few weeks ago, I found myself yet again at Tom’s apartment tinkering with games and wondering how we could get our birds to .. well.. poop. Now before you start to question our sanity- or the healthy atmosphere of Tom’s apartment, let me explain.

We’ve tried to get a sub-game of Garry’s Mod to work countless times now. Quite simply, its a game where a bird tries to land “one” on a human character. At the same time, that human character is using a shotgun to blow that bird out of the sky. Its such a profound concept that we just had to give it a try. Unfortunately, nothing we did could coax our little bird friends to let loose.

Towards the end of the stage where we began giving up, I remembered a web site that offered a pretty cool sounding service. Answers. To anything. Via text message. You know what is even better? It’s free! (minus the cost of the text messages if you don’t have a text plan)

Here’s how it works. You sign up with Mosio, fill out a form with some of your information (including your cell number) and they send a confirmation text to your phone. You reply to that and you’re in business.

Using your cell you can text and within a short while, not only will the question be posted online, but you should receive an answer from up to 4 people.

Now I don’t know about you, but asking the question, “How do you fire bird poo in garrys mod 9 bird poo game” seems like something maybe 1 or 2 people in the entire world would know how to answer.

It seems like that 1 person is on, because here is what I got back, both in my profile on Mosio and on my cell phone.


So the next time you find yourself away from a computer and are in dire need of some information (and have registered with Mosio), just remember that the answer is only a text away.

Introducing: Handsome Tom

Over the past few days I’ve been arguing with myself as to whether or not I should write a  welcome message or just jump right into the thick of things with a real post. It seemed somehow that introducing myself to people, who for the most part, already knew me was superfluous yet here I am doing exactly that. Perhaps one day when this blog has spanned out to readers we do not know that this will serve to them as their introduction to me. Hopefully that will not cause them to immediately turn away from the site.

I have been blogging since late 2003 and for better or worse everything that I have written is out there for all to read. I can most certainly look back and realize what a horrible writer I have been on some occasions and yet notice eloquence on others and let us all hope that throughout my endeavors on I will lean more toward the later.

What can you expect from me here that you didn’t get on Well for starters I’m going to update more often. This coupled with the fact that there are two other authors means regular updates for this site which can only be a good thing. What I will be updating about is another thing altogether. My old site was a hodge podge of anything and everything that I felt like writing. Here I will be sticking to some staple topics and hopefully not straying too far from any of them.

The main topic that I will discuss that the other two authors will not is politics and current events. Now don’t worry this doesn’t mean I’ll be shoving Hillary vs. Obama or Romney vs. Giuliani down your throats or anything but I will be giving commentary on events currently taking place and how they fit into the world we live in and more specifically how I think we should look at these events. Yes, they will be opinion pieces so please feel free to disagree with me. I love a good discussion and I love seeing the thoughts of different people with competing viewpoints. It makes for good reading.

Secondly I will probably spend a lot of time writing in such a way that could be considered ranting. I use to call my old site the “Rantings of a Lord of the Rings Fanatic” and that is because I will often notice a given topic that needs discussing and spend some time discussing it. I plan on continuing this trend although probably with less fervor than I have in the past.

Finally I will definitely spend some time writing movie reviews. Dan has mentioned that he would like to do this as well and I welcome that, however, we will both likely not agree on every film or watch every film so we can probably tag team this effort without any trouble. I personally want to make this an entire section of the site that users can go to, to see what we recommend, but we’ll see if and when that happens.

The long story short is that I write far more than I need to and is here to stay. We look forward to you reading what we have to say and letting us know what you think.

How not to end up in a ditch

If you’re from an area that regularly receives snow (such as NY) and you actually go outside to experience said frozen water crystals, then you know that getting snow rubbed in your face is probably the least favored thing to have happen to you- except maybe sliding off the road and ending up face first in a ditch.

I thought I’d share some of my tips on winter-weather driving. Forget what the DMV says about winter driving, listen to me instead (I’m kidding, pay attention y’all- that’s why I included the link).


  • Keep it defrosted! Start your defroster when you start your car and give it some time to heat up the windshield. The last thing you want is to be just pulling out of a driveway and suddenly you can’t see a thing (breath + cold windshield = fog).
  • Get all the ice and snow off the outside of the windows. Leaving frozen precip will guarantee foggy windows.
  • Don’t scrape the car itself. Besides leaving scratches, the ice breaking free from your car might take paint chips with it.
  • Top off the washer fluid reservoir frequently. With the amount of salt used on the roads, its just a matter of time before its on your car.
  • Winter wipers are a good investment and are usually pretty cheap (~$10 each).
  • Don’t forget the rear window and defroster.
  • Clear off your lights.


  • Always make sure you have plenty of gas. This ensures that you’ll live longer if you get stranded.
  • Keep the tank at least 50% full. Water/snow has a tendency to get into the tank and freeze in the gas lines. This will make it impossible to start your car. Keeping the tank mostly full will lower the risk of this happening.
  • You’ll notice that during the winter your mpg’s will go down. This is because air is denser when it is cold and the car will compensate, adding in more fuel to the mixture. Simple physics tells you that this allows for increased horsepower as well. Add in “spirited” parking lot driving and a 5 mpg hit can been noticed.


  • Make sure your car isn’t running straight water for coolant. Use 50/50 or as recommended to avoid the block freezing.
  • Make sure to change your oil every 3000 miles or as instructed to make sure your engine is a happy engine. Water in the oil is not a good sign, as this can freeze in the lines.
  • Check your brake, power steering, and transmission fluid levels as well. This is the lifeblood of your car!


  • Make sure your tires have adequate tread depth and are not “sport” or “GT” or anything like that.
  • Science says that when it gets colder out, the air pressure in your tires goes down. I’ve had 2 flats already because of this. Make sure to keep the tires at the recommended pressure. Over-inflating tires might save a little gas and under-inflated tires might increase dry-surface traction, but so much as a 5 psi variance either way from the recommended pressure has drastic abnormal tire-wear implications.

Driving Habits

  • Allow plenty of time. Rushing is never a good idea. It easily takes a good 5 minutes to warm up the car.
  • If the weather is really bad, stay at home.
  • Don’t pull out in front of people. Besides the lowered braking ability if the roads are slippery, chances are you’ll spin the tires pulling out in front of them.
  • Don’t go fast. There’s just no reason to. If the snow/ice doesn’t get you, the salt will. Salty roads don’t offer much traction.
  • Don’t go extremely slowly. Even in the worst circumstances, 25 mph should be the absolute minimum. If visibility is good but traction is limited, 35 mph on a state road (55mph limit) is decent. Driving excessively slowly puts you at risk of getting hit from behind or, in an attempt to slow down or pass, puts the other car in a ditch.
  • Avoid roads that haven’t been plowed. Just. Don’t. Even. Try.
  • If, for some reason, your car becomes disabled and you have to leave it by the side of the road, get as far over and put on the blinkers! It doesn’t matter how bright and sunny it is out, night falls eventually and snow happens, and if your car is in the way and people can’t see it…
  • If you get stuck, make sure any straps you get towed by are attached securely to the frame.
  • Lastly, don’t forget some granola bars, blankets, and cell phone when you leave the house. They just may save your life.

Disclaimer: Always use caution and common sense while driving. Obey all traffic and safety laws. Buckle up! Remember that this post is not the final word and may not necessarily be true in all circumstances. While we try to be a helpful outlet to you, we are not responsible for how you drive and the resultant effects. In other words, don’t come crying to us when you wrap your car around a light pole doing crazy donuts in a parking lot just because you heeded our (my) advice to keep your tires at the correct pressure.