All’s quiet on the Zomgee front…

Things have been changing a lot around Zomgee (like we’re some non-abstract entity or something). Starting the beginning of May, HT, OhYo and I will each begin our lives being the largest combined distance from each other. I suppose you could say that the three amigos have become the one amigo, one pard’ner, and one dude…

I had meant to write back in January about one of my friends that was killed in a car accident. I’ve mentioned it in a few of my digital outlets. I never could bring myself around to doing it because of the sheer … insanity of the situation. Its still so hard to believe that it actually happened.

Then along came February and my grandpa passed away from cancer- only after being told weeks before he was in the clear. It was kind of a one-two punch and I wasn’t taking it real well. Once again, I felt like writing about loss, but couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Things didn’t stop there though. HT moved in March. Sure, you might think a thousand miles is nothing when there is a thousand miles of fiber optic in between, but, I’ll be honest, I miss him and his wife. With The Office being back on and 24 around the corner, it stinks not having someone to watch and seriously critique the show with.

To make it worse, OhYo is taking off. He and I have hung out a lot the past month or so and we’ve become closer friends through various late night chats and laser tag sessions (which he epically fails at).

I suppose the cherry on the top is working anywhere between 30-50 hours a week in addition to full time school and labs. I’m hardly ever home before 10 at night and rarely asleep before 2am.

Now, at the risk of making you think I actually am doing so, I am not making a ploy to gain your sympathy or well wishes. That’s not my intent at all. I’m merely keeping everyone apprised of my situation and also why my posting tendency has been a bit subdued lately.

Now all of this is all well and good, but what’s my point? Well, independent of the input of my fellow contributors (ie, because I want to), I’m adding a tab for myself at the top of the screen. I’ll post some to it fairly frequently, but it will also be an aggregator for my other feeds, which include (but are not limited to) my twitter feed (also my new sole-source for facebook/status updates) and my shared Google reader items (sweet links to stories, pictures, and videos). If I hear enough feedback, I might even move one or both to the front page. Regardless, let me know what you think.

Its ironic that I had on my to-blog list- “Twitter: blogging devolved” when actually, I think its evolving. Gone are the ridiculously long posts such as this one while we welcome “mini blogging” such as status updates, snippets of our thoughts, and all-around material that is more interesting. I’m actually working on a secret project that has received some acclaim from some fairly prominent people I’ve shown it to. Stay tuned for that.. you might end up liking it.

Well I suppose I should start paying attention in class… have a great night all.

3 thoughts on “All’s quiet on the Zomgee front…”

  1. Aye, after my move; I should have more time to assess time management. Everything on this Earth is temporal; let us make our friendship less temporary than our comings and goings; reach eternity. Also, GL on yur projects.

    OhYo’s last blog post..Gladiator: Peeps style

  2. Makes me want to update on my life. Perhaps I’ll do that next what with all the changes going on. I’ve been meaning to post about several things for quite some time, but every time I decide I want to do it…I sorta lose the desire. Soon though soon.

    HT’s last blog post..The Best Ever!

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